Lifestyle and travel blogger, Brian Oliver, starts a non-profit organization in Baltimore to help young black males learn through travel.

published on 28 May 2021

By: Ashlyn J. Wilson

In 2015 Brian Oliver launched a travel blog, Beyond Bmore, with the hope of inspiring young people to explore travel opportunities outside of their communities. However, the west Baltimore native’s passion to educate through travel went beyond his blog and into establishing a non-profit organization. In January of 2020, Oliver launched the non-profit organization, Bmore See More, which provides young black males in Baltimore city an opportunity to learn, receive mentorship, and travel locally and abroad free of charge.

“I always knew I didn’t want Beyond Bmore to just be the end,” said Oliver. “I wanted to work with young people, and I wanted to help them as much as I could.” 

Oliver began his travelling adventures with his grandfather at a young age. Since then, he has been fortunate enough to travel to many countries around the world. 

According to Oliver, people who live in the east and west parts of Baltimore isolate themselves to those regions. Oliver wants to give Baltimore city students a travelling advantage that would award them valuable knowledge of other parts of the world. 

“Baltimore is the type of city where whatever side of town that you grew up on, you technically stay on that side of town…,” said Oliver. “...I just know that more than any form of education you’ll get, like travel, will teach you things you’d never thought you would be able to know.” 

Bmore See More seeks to encourage minority black males in Baltimore to continue their education beyond the conventional classrooms and feel inspired by the parallels between their community and other domestic/international communities. 

“I’ll share my experience with working in elementary and middle schools in the slums of Kenya and tell the kids here, ‘those kids don’t have electricity…,’” Oliver says. “...but you still ask them what they want to be and they answer… and if they can have that type of ambition with little to nothing, why can’t you?’”

Bmore See More, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is supported through donors and sponsorship. The general public, government and other corporate sponsors can support and donate online, via mail, or corporate sponsorships and In-Kind donations.

Although the impact of COVID-19 has halted their inaugural cohort, Oliver and the Bmore See More committee are hopeful their organization will encourage cohorts to carry out the mission of Bmore See More.

“After we implement the initiative, I don’t want students to finish and say ‘I did that,’” said Oliver. “I want them to have the mind to pass it down to someone else and eventually be in my position.” 

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